Our Work:
Good Web Design Includes ...
The Home Page

We begin with a home page that will serve as the first impression of your company. It should be clear and concise. While maintaining the navigation and architecture of your site. The colors should compliment each other; be soft and easy on the eye's.

Limited Color palette
Vivid relevant imagery
Clear call to actions
Content Pages

Content pages are where the main items of your site live. Good UX dictates that they are the main navigation items on your site. (this is a content page) Content pages are the bulk of your site design

Limited Color Palette
Engaging content
Ease of use
Interactive Elements

This is the difference between a website and an experience. An experience has interactive elements that allows the user to be part of the journey.

Content Presentation
Trigger Events
The industries we cover...

Harker Bio
Pulse Dietetics
One Submissive Act
Park Lane Jewelers
Real Estate
Real Estate By Fee
Pohl Real Estate
American Brands
Our Rates:
These are estimates based on our current projects and the time and cost to complete them...
(rates are averages and your costs will vary based on complexity and requirements.)
Please contact us for a quote...

CMS Based (Wordpress)
Custom Code
100 Products
Estimated Cost
$700.00 to $1,200.00
$2,000.00 to $5,000.00
$3,000.00 to $7,000.00
Cost Drivers:
Projects vary as do requirements here are some items that drive the cost of the project...

Content !!!!
Most web developers aren't english majors and thus suck at writting content. Thus if you are smarter then a fifth grader and have the gift for gab. You can save some time and costs.
Say Chesseeeee!!!
Images are not cheap and cropping,retouching and creating them takes time. Make sure you have high quality images ready to go. No photo bombs please ...
Is anyone out there...
We are fast , really fast. But if your not around for us to reach out to. We start taking artistic license and well we like pink and purple. Stay in touch and we get done in no time.
I like this too...
Okay we know there are 8 billion websites out there and you want to view them all and find the best parts of each to make your site awesome. In the immortal words of Mr. Miagi "focus daniel son". Once we got a design let's stick to it. Changes cost money.