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Frequently asked questions:
$$#@# Our Site is down,What do we do ?...
Don't panic in most cases it is just an update that didn't post correctly. When we setup your site we setup daily backups. We can rollback the changes.
I can't find our staging url ?
No issues contact us and we will resend it to you.
What is the progress of our site ?
We send out weekly progress reports of where we are at. On average once we have recieved assets and content from you it's about three weeks.
What is your response time to support requests ?

12 Hrs on Weekdays

24 Hrs on Weekends and holiday's

Except for black friday and Cyber Monday which is 4hrs

What we offer ...
24 Hour Monitoring

We monitor your site with advanced applications and algorithims that know when things are not right.

Application Monitoring
Nightly Backups
SSL Encryption
Advanced Analytics

We link all our sites to a google analytics account to see how the site is performing and where we can make tweaks to optimize performance.
Speed Optimization
Conversion Rates
Unique Visitors
25 Years of Cutting Edge Experience

For some odd reason if you have an ART degree you think your developer. Umm our staff have built sites that have over 1.2 Million visitors a day. Beat that...I built this with a wordpress theme and a plugin.

Experienced Developers
US Based
Top Tier Service